It is always a pleasure to work with the team at Woodstock Industries. Thanks guys for your work thus far.

It was an honour and pleasure to work with Tanya on some of my recent photo shoots.  She is the ultimate professional, wildly creative and undeniably talented.  I look forward to future collaborations.

Trust and confidence is something usually earned and developed over time but every so often circumstances require us to move faster; and that’s when we fall back on our gut instincts. With challenges in both time and distance, our introduction and early discussions with the team at TKD architects provided one of these moments. We felt an immediate connection and freely shared our vision and dream whilst they listened, interpreted and responded. Their contribution in terms of experience and expertise was immense, and their consistent, calm communications perfectly informed this vision we had of a family home.
TKD introduced us to our fabulous builder, Rod Windrim of Windrim Building, whose team of artisans and their attention to detail let magic unfold right before our eyes. Another team we wholeheartedly gave our trust and confidence to in such a short timeframe.
Together, the amazing vision of the TKD team, John Rose, Olivia George and Jose Serrao, brought our almost derelict 1861 sandstone cottage to life. Every so often my design journey is enhanced through collaboration with an extraordinary team and this was one of those occasions. It was an honour to collaborate with TKD Architects on Madeline Street Hunters Hill.

To capture the essence of design and honesty of living spaces of any home is no easy feat. It’s a balance of chasing perfect light and finding ideal angles, whilst selecting the spaces and objects which speak most purely. A truly great photographer senses the character of the home and its owners; it’s a finely tuned skill.
A big thank you to Michael Nicholson of Michael Nicholson Photography for capturing the essence of Madeline Street Hunters Hill.